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Jennifer Schwab | CEO & Founder, ENTITY Academy

June Miller Richards is a rare breed of consultant that takes pride in her deliverables; contributes to the team and overall culture; and thinks about how to advance the company even when she’s not “on the clock.” ENTITY sets a high bar when it comes to hiring and June has excelled here in a short period of time. She brought exceptional interpersonal skills to ENTITY which made her a natural in university development as well as Mentor outreach. Within months, we promoted her to the Head the Mentor Network which has been a cornerstone of our brand since 2016. Her natural gifts in working with people, project management, and writing allow her to wear many hats. She’s willing to jump in as needed even if it is outside her comfort zone. We are pleased she has selected ENTITY as a place to refine her many talents. 


Kelsi Monteith | Executive Director of Communications, Palm Beach Show Group

June was an absolute pleasure to work with for the 2023 Art Palm Beach and LA Art Shows. June and I collaborated on numerous occasions to secure media partners and advertising for our respective events. It was so refreshing to work with someone as organized and communicative as June was.

Maria Rotelli | Former Editorial Lead, ENTITY Academy

I have worked with June as her main point of contact during her entire stint at ENTITY Academy, where she has been acting as the director of its Mentor Network. June is a powerhouse who has been indispensable as our mentor liaison and event director. Plus, she has spearheaded outreach for our B2B partnerships.

Over the past two years, she has secured numerous professionals to lead ENTITY’s Fireside Chats, which are instrumental to ENTITY’s student experience. Her consulting business is called 6 Degrees of June for good reason, she has great connections and is stellar at making new ones. In addition to industry giants at large tech organizations, her connections allowed her to acquire news anchors and journalists to act as moderators for these events, which brought a whole new depth and professional air to these sessions. Since mentorship is one of ENTITY’s main pillars, it was a huge boon to have our Mentor Network expand thanks to her hard work and dedication to nurturing relationships.

Along with her many other talents, June is an incredible writer and editor. As Editorial Lead, I supervised everything related to the written word, and June’s work consistently required little to no editing. I thought I was persnickety when it came to editing, but she truly has an eagle eye for small details. As a result, I trusted her to review any big announcements that I wrote out because I knew she would catch any tiny mistakes that I may not have found in my initial read-through.

In addition to her strong work ethic, June is a delight to work with. She is clever and breathes life into every (Zoom) room she enters. She has helped ENTITY grow tremendously in the time she’s been involved with them and I know she will continue to be a valuable asset to that team or any other team she chooses to work for.

Laura Segura | Executive Director, MusiCares 

I first met June when she was VP of Marketing at LA Magazine, alchemizing lead into gold. She would miraculously make advertisers and partners happy with creative but boot-strapped projects. She continues her magic now at 6 Degrees of June. If you need a one-stop shop of creativity and contacts, June is your woman.

Stephen Rebello | Writer-Producer

Hey, fellow authors. Looking for a fantastic freelance copy editor for your book manuscript? I've got an ace who worked her magic on my next tome. June's been a colleague and friend for years and when I turned her loose on the new book, she caught some pesky persistent manuscript errors others had not. I couldn't possibly recommend her more highly, so if you're interested, reach out to her and just hope that she's available.

Karen Gutierrez | Director of Advertising & Audience Development at Geffen Playhouse 

June is a marketing guru and I enjoyed a tremendous marketing partnership with her for many years when she was the VP of Marketing for Los Angeles magazine. Her countless talents, marketing savvy, myriad of contacts and creativity are a marvel and I think it she would be an asset for any organization that simply does not have the staffing to fulfill their marketing wish list. 

Cynthia Rose | Regional Marketing Manager, West | Celebrity Cruises

I can't thank you enough for helping me navigate the Leading Edge Mobile Tour waters that lead to FIVE unique and successful events for Celebrity!  We could not have done it without you and certainly your expertise in event planning and huge contacts list were major assets!!!


Jennifer Uner | Strategic Communications Director at LRN

June is a pillar of L.A. media and marketing culture, a mover and shaker who connects dots, opens doors, authors concepts, and accomplishes major projects, productions, and prose to move brands forward. I look forward to working with June again.


Lisa Carloss | Owner at Mammoth Investments, LLC; El Nido Family Centers Board Member

When we at El Nido Family Centers (an LA-based social services nonprofit) were attempting to design a new style of fundraising event, we hired June. Her wonderful ideas for "what could be" resulted in a truly unique and profitable gala which has become our signature event of the year. For projects in marketing, promotions and events, June brings years of connections and experience, vision, outside-the-box thinking, far-reaching relationships, superb organizational skills and creativity.


Kathy Nenneker| Producer, Journalist, Content Strategist

June is a "Connector," one of those Malcolm Gladwell describes in "The Tipping Point" as the people who "link us up with

the world ... people with a special gift for bringing the world together." June is a creative, out-of-the-box thinker and I'm happy to recommend her. 

Robina Lewis | Group Marketing Director at Taunton Press, Inc.
June was a consummate professional and fantastic boss. She gives clear direction, she's a generous partner, and she has the ability to massage a creative idea to lead it to its full potential. All while keeping a positive attitude, and with a smile on her face. It was a pleasure to work for her. 

Terry Stanley | Senior Editor at Adweek 

There's nothing June can't do. She's a facilitator, she's an idea generator, she's a creative thinker. She's energetic and insightful — she's one of the most dynamic people I know. Anyone who hires June will get a strong collaborator and a skillful networker. Plus, she's a blast. It's impossible not to like her, and that's a mighty rare quality.

Derek Alpert President | Concern Foundation for Cancer Research

June and I have worked together for over seven years when she was an independent publicist and during her tenure at Los Angeles Magazine. She is an amazing creative professional who knows her field better than anyone. She is honest, straightforward and passionate about her projects, clients and commitments. She has become a great friend and is someone that you can confide in and someone who is a friend for life. We continue to look for projects to work together on and she is someone that I consult with when I am not sure how to proceed. I trust her judgment and know that she will always lead me in the right direction. I feel lucky to have found June years ago and consider her a tremendous friend, confidante and a professional’s professional. I truly treasure her knowledge, experience and wisdom. 

Laurie Bianchi | Brand & Experiential Champion Who Drives ROI

I have co-consulted and worked with June many times in the past 15 years and all I can say is WOW. June is one of the most innovative, resourceful and effective professionals in the business - consistently building bridges and bringing solutions to clients and partners alike. She is a pleasure to work with, for and alongside of - one in a million.


Jami Pennings | Director of Sales, Local LA Catering, Legends

June is one of the most talented marketing and events professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. She is extremely creative, innovative and thinks outside the box to create the most memorable experience.

Devon Kisgen | Experiential Marketing Consultant

I have had the pleasure of working for June for almost three years at Los Angeles magazine. In this particular profession attention to detail, creativity and relationships are a necessity. June over exceeds these expectations while constantly showing a heightened level of enthusiasm with everyone she works with. She has taught me a lot and without a doubt we all can learn even more from her! 

Karen Gee-McAuley | Principal at Relevance PR

I have worked with June on and off for more than 20 years, as an employee, as a client and colleague. Her boundless energy and creativity, coupled with her extensive relationships in the worlds of marketing, promotions and partnerships enable her to tap into a network and produce the perfect fitting program for her clients. I highly recommend June for anyone looking for out of the box marketing programming.

Ian Blackburn |Event Producer & Wine Educator at and winemaker

June Miller Richards is a legend in Los Angeles. Her enthusiasm, style and warmth invite everyone to get involved and get excited. I loved working with her and benefiting from all the amazing people she surrounds herself with. We did no fewer than a dozen events together and they all had brilliant results.

Linzy Jamba | Team Manager at Aya Healthcare
June has always been a valuable resource when it comes to not only aiding in the development of creative events, but she has also always ensured that the promotions have been smooth and successful from invention to fruition. She is smart, engaging, and won’t let anything get in her way when trying to please her clients or get their desired results. It has always been a pleasure working with June in the past and I look forward to maintaining our personal and professional relationship and most of all, I would definitely recommend her for the great work she can do and the fantastic networks she has created. 

Kristin Gabriel-Atwood | Corporate Communications/Public Relations/Integrated Marketing Communications Pro

June and I worked together years ago as business partners at Miller*Gabriel. She was great then and even better now. We went in different directions with our careers - she forked off to publishing and I took the road to high tech but we have reunited to do business whenever possible. She was, and still is, an exceptionally creative, hardworking and successful marketer. She cuts through the clutter which is worth gold. She also happens to be an excellent writer and has the upper hand on social media. I recommend her very highly, and hope to work on more projects together. 

Carrie Kommers | Director of Communications, Genuine Foods

June Miller Richards and I partnered together regularly during my tenure as the director of dineLA for LA INC. while she served as VP Marketing for Los Angeles magazine. June is one of those rare individuals who produces in an inordinate amount of results at the highest quality level with a creativity and flair that makes her clients look far better than they’d ever expected. She’s innately and intuitively creative when it comes to ideation, problem-solving, and creating programming and event concepts that are totally unique, and she has the ability to do this all with an aplomb that most lose the minute the pace and intensity level increases. June’s newest incarnation with 6 Degrees of June has put her in the perfect position to put her arsenal of talents and connections to work for others. 

Suzy Hogtanyan | Owner & Founder of Adam's Garden, LLC | Senior Marketing Consultant 

I have the great privilege to work with June again after LA Mag. As of her first day representing Yerevan Magazine, she brought excitement and creative ideas to our rebranding efforts and immersed herself in the Yerevan Magazine culture. June is a 110% dedicated to all of her clients and works around the clock to cater to all of their needs. She is a joy to work with and a great team player!

Michael Montanez | Head of Marketing and Ecommerce, David August, Inc. 

No one works harder in this industry than June Miller Richards. Always on-the-go, always juggling several projects at once, always meeting expectations and delivering results. She thrives in fast-paced environments and is accustomed to

deadline-driven assignments. June is very creative and instrumental in devising brilliant promotions. She is well connected and is able to bring together key strategic partners. She's a great leader and an amazing producer with impressive case studies tackled at LA mag. I'm in awe of all that June has accomplished and I believe her clients would say the same.

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